How Can I Delete An Account On My Mac?

It’s easy to delete an account on your Mac. Simply open System Preferences and navigate to the Users & Groups section. There, you should see a list of all the accounts currently associated with your Mac.

Simply select the account you want to delete and then click the “Delete” button. Note that deleting an account won’t delete any of the user’s files or folders, but it will remove that user from your Mac and prevent them from logging in again in the future. Once you’ve deleted an account, you can create a new one if you need to.

If you find yourself having trouble deleting an account, it may be because other users are logged into the Mac at the time.

How To Delete A User Account On Macbook

  1. Open System Preferences by clicking on the Apple logo in the top left corner of your screen and choosing “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu. br>
  2. Next, click on “Accounts” in the left-hand column and select the “Login” tab. br>
  3. Finally, click the “minus sign” next to the name of the user account you want to delete and enter your password when prompted. br> Method #2: From Terminal br> 1. Open Terminal by typing “Terminal” into Spotlight and pressing enter or clicking the magnifying glass icon. br> 2. Next, type “dscl account name> delete -force” and press enter or click enter again. br> 3. If prompted, type your

Method #1: From System Preferences br>

How To Delete A User Account On Macos Sierra

    1. Click on the  menu at the top left corner of the screen and then click on “System Preferences” 2. Select the “Users & Groups” option 3. Click on the name of the account that you want to delete 4. Click on the “Delete Account” button 5. Enter your password 6. Click on the “Delete Account” button 7. Close System Preferences 8. Log out of your account 9. Log back in with your username and password

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