How Can I Delete My Supercell Id In Clash Of Clans?

If you want to delete your supercell ID, you can do so in the settings of the game. You will have to go to settings and then tap on supercell ID and then tap on delete. You will have to enter your password again to confirm the deletion.

You will also need to restart your game after this. Once you do all of that, your ID will be deleted. You will no longer be able to use it in the game.

However, you can create a new one and start playing all over again. You can also use this ID in other games that are produced by supercell. Just make sure that you’re deleting it from the right account.

If not, you could accidentally delete an important account that you want to keep.

How To Delete Your Coc Account

  1. Go to Settings > Account Management > Subscription > Delete Account;
  2. Enter your password and select the reason why you want to cancel your subscription;
  3. Click on OK and that’s it! You have successfully deleted your account from the game.

If you have other questions regarding your account, you can always contact the customer service team via email or live chat. They are available 24/7 to help you with any issue that you may have.

How To Change Supercell Id Email Into New Email

A question I get asked quite often is “How do I change my Supercell ID email address?” First you need to add a new email address to your account. Once you have that, you will be able to change your Supercell ID email address to the new one.

This is a very simple process and can be done in just a couple of minutes. To begin, go to the Supercell ID website and log into your account. Once you are logged in, go to the main menu and select “Edit Profile”.

From there you can add your new email address and change your Supercell ID email address.
In order to create a new Supercell ID, you need to create a new account with a new email address. This can be done by either logging out of your current account and creating a new one or by creating a new account while still logged in on your old account.

For security purposes, we don’t recommend creating a new account while still logged in on your old account. Once you have created a new account with your new email address you can then log into the game and change your Supercell ID email address to the new one.
Once you have changed your Supercell ID email address, make sure that you delete the old one from your old account.

This will prevent anyone from hacking into your account if they already know the old email address.

How Can I Recover My Coc Account Without Supercell Id?

There is no way to recover your account without the supercell ID. This is the only way to prove that it is your account. The supercell ID is a unique number that is assigned to you when you create your account.

It is used for identification purposes and cannot be changed. If you do not have access to your supercell ID, it is impossible to recover your account. The only option left is to create a new account.

Depending on how you lost access to your supercell ID, you may still be able to recover it. If it was stolen or shared with someone else, you should report this immediately. Then, you can request a new ID and change your passwords.

Another option is to create a new account if the old one cannot be recovered.

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