How Can I Recover My Facebook Account With My Phone Number?

You can recover your Facebook account using your phone number by following these steps:
Step 1: Go to the Facebook login page and enter your phone number.
Step 2: Enter the code that you received via a text message.
Step 3: Click on “Verify” to verify your phone number.

Step 4: Scroll down and click on “Next” to confirm.
If you are successful, you should see a green banner at the top of the page that says “You’re all set!” while a red banner should appear if there is an error.

If you do not receive a text message, then you may have to contact Facebook support for assistance.

How To Recover Facebook Account Without Email And Phone Number 2021 Trick

  1. First, you’ll need to visit the Facebook Help Center.
  2. Next, click on the “Can’t access your account?” button.
  3. Finally, enter your email address and phone number and submit the form. Make sure that the email address and phone number are valid, as Facebook will send you a verification code to the email address and phone4. Once you’ve verified your account, you’ll regain access to it.

It is possible that Facebook might ask for one more personal detail like your credit card number or bank account details if they want to verify that you are the actual owner of the account and not a bot that was trying to create a new account. The reason why they ask for such information is because bots are actually becoming smarter than ever before and they are now able to create accounts faster than ever before. In addition to that, bots can also create accounts that have a lot of followers and likes very quickly as well.

How To Recover Disabled Facebook Account 2021

A disabled Facebook account is one that has been taken offline by the website itself. This can happen when a user breaks the site’s terms of service or if they are reported for having abusive or inappropriate content on their page.
When a Facebook account is disabled, it will display a message saying that it was disabled by the site and explaining why.

There is no way for a user to restore their account once it has been disabled.

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