How Do I Change The Administrator On My Macbook Pro?

If you’re the administrator of a Macbook Pro, then you can change other users’ passwords. This is useful if you want to allow another user to log in to your computer but you do not want them to have access to your files. To change a user’s password on a Mac machine, follow these steps:
First, open System Preferences and then go to the Users & Groups option.

Next, click on the lock icon at the bottom left corner of the screen and enter your administrator password when prompted.
Finally, click on the user account that you want to change, select Edit User in the pop-up menu, and then enter your new password in the New Password field.
You can also create a new administrator account by clicking Create User and typing in a name for the account.

How To Change Admin Name In Mac Osx

Mac OS X has a number of different ways that the admin name can be changed. Depending on the version of Mac you’re running, you can either go to System Preferences and change the name there, or you can use the terminal to change it.
Any Mac running 10.

9 and above is going to have a couple of different options for changing the admin name. The first option is going to be in the System Preferences. Simply go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Options, and then change the “Name” field.

Alternatively, you can use the Terminal to change the name. Type in “sudo dscl . -change /Users/username> AppleIDFull new_name>” (without quotes) and hit enter.

You will then be prompted for your password and then your username will change.
These are two easy ways to change your admin name in OSX. Depending on which version of OSX you’re running, one of these methods should work for you.

How To Make Your Account An Administrator’s Account (mac Os X Yosemite)

Administrator accounts allow you to change settings and install software on your Mac. To add an administrator account, open System Preferences, then click Users & Groups. Click the lock icon at the bottom left and enter your password.

Select the account you want to make an administrator, then click the plus icon. Select “Admin” from the drop-down menu and enter a name for the new account. Once you save the changes, your account will be set up as an administrator.

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