How Do I Remove A Microsoft Account From My Nokia Lumia?

In order to remove a Microsoft account from your Nokia Lumia, you will first need to go into Settings > Accounts. From here, you should be able to select the Microsoft account that you would like to remove, and tap “Remove Account.” You will then be prompted to enter the password for your Microsoft account, and then tap “Remove Account” one more time.

Once your Microsoft account has been removed, it should no longer have access to your phone. Note that if you have created a local user account on your phone, this will not be affected by removing a Microsoft account.

How To Delete Your E-mail Account On Your Nokia Lumia 520 At&t Windows 8 Phone

The Nokia Lumia 520 is an affordable Windows 8 phone that was released in 2013 and has a 4.0-inch screen and a 1-megapixel camera. You can use this phone on AT&T’s network, and it comes with 8 GB of storage, which you can expand using a microSD card.

You can use this phone to sign in to your email account, but you can also delete your email account from the phone if you no longer want it. To do this, you need to go into your phone’s settings and choose the Mail tile. From here, you should select the account you want to delete and then choose the > icon next to it.

Then, simply tap on the Delete Account option that appears on the screen, and your email account will be removed from your phone.

How Do I Remove An Exchange Activesync Mailbox From My Nokia Lumia?

  1. Open the Settings app on your phone.
  2. Select Mail.
  3. Select Exchange accounts.
  4. Tap on the account you no longer want to have access to, and then tap Remove account.
  5. Enter your password when prompted to confirm that you want to remove the account, and then tap OK.
  6. Once the account has been removed, tap Done.

7You can now close the Settings app, and continue using your phone as normal.

Can’t Sing In Microsoft Lumia Windows Phone

Microsoft Account is the online identity that you use to sign on to all Microsoft products and services. It’s also the place where you can manage your account settings and view your transaction history. With a Microsoft Account, you can also access apps and services from partners like Skype and Yelp.

You can also use it to buy apps, games and music from the Windows Store.
Microsoft Account allows you to sign in with a single username and password on all of your devices. Just sign in once and you’ll be able to access all your Microsoft services from any device.

If you have a Microsoft Account, you can use it to sign into your Windows laptop or desktop, Windows 10 phone, Xbox, or even Outlook Web Access. Microsoft Account is built right into Windows 10, so if you have an account, you won’t need to create a new one when you install the new operating system.
With a Microsoft Account, you can also access other benefits like SkyDrive storage space and OneDrive cloud storage.

If you’re already using one of these services, you might already have a Microsoft Account. If not, don’t worry—you can create one right online.

How Do I Change My Home Page In Internet Explorer 10 For Windows Phone 8?

  1. Tap and hold the IE icon until it jiggles. 2. Tap Settings > Home Page and then choose a new home page from the list of suggestions. 3. When finished, tap anywhere outside the Settings menu to return to your home screen. Note: If you have an app installed that requires the use of a custom home page, you will be prompted to select that app before proceeding to the Settings screen.

With Internet Explorer 10, you can personalize your browsing experience by making your homepage your favorite site and adding your favorite sites to the Favorites bar. You can also customize your start page by changing the theme, moving around tiles, and rearranging tiles as desired.1 Tap and hold the IE icon until it jiggles. 2 Tap Settings > Home Page and then choose a new home page from the list of suggestions. 3 When finished, tap anywhere outside the Settings menu to return to your home screen.

How Do I Prevent Web Pages From Catching My Palm Or Face As I Scroll?

By default, Internet Explorer 10 on Windows Phone 8 uses the device’s front-facing camera to detect when you are trying to scroll down the page and automatically stops the scrolling motion. If you want to turn this feature off, tap the Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, then tap Scrolling. Clear the Use camera check box, and then tap OK.

The other way to prevent web pages from catching your palm or face as you scroll is to turn off the “Pinch” functionality in Internet Explorer 10’s “Settings” menu. This can be a bit inconvenient at times, but it may be worth it if you don’t want anyone’s face accidentally loading onto a web page when they’re trying to scroll by. If you’re concerned about your face inadvertently loading onto a web page, you can also turn off auto-submit in Settings > Advanced > Auto-submit URL.

In The Start Screen Type “settings”, Then Tap Settings.

The settings app is the place to go to change screen brightness, customize theme colors, and adjust a number of other settings on your Xbox One. While the settings app has grown more robust with each major update of the console, its main purpose is still to let you customize your Xbox One experience to suit your own tastes.
If you’re looking to change the look of your Xbox One’s home screen, you can do that in the Settings app.

You can also adjust things like volume and brightness here too. By default, the Xbox One’s home screen will display your recently used games and apps. But you can change this by going into Home Page in Settings.

You’ll see a list of options you can toggle on and off, including Recently Added and Recently Played.

How Do I Share My Location With Another Windows 8 Phone?

With the release of Windows 8, Microsoft has included an option to share your location with another Windows 8 Phone. To do this, make sure you have the location services turned on and the other person also has their location services turned on. Then go to the Maps app and click on the arrow next to the search box and click “share location”.

Make sure the other person accepts your request and then you will be able to see their location on your phone. This is a great way to keep track of loved ones as well as to find out when someone will be home so you can time deliveries accordingly.
You also have the option to share your location with another Windows 8 Phone using the same method.

All you have to do is make sure you have the location services turned on and then open up Maps and click on “share location”. If you want to stop sharing your location, simply click on “stop sharing”. It is important to note that if you are sharing your location with another Windows 8 Phone, you may be draining both of your batteries quicker than normal.

You can also use this same method to share your locations with other users of Google Maps and Apple Maps, although you will need to download those apps first.

In The Start Screen Type “settings”, Then Tap Settings. Tap Phone Followed By Nearme.

First, hit the Start button in the bottom-left corner of your Start screen. Then, type “Settings” into the search box at the top of the screen, and tap Search when it appears. Next, tap Settings > Phone > NearMe.

In the NearMe settings page, you can choose to let your phone automatically detect nearby devices that are also on, or you can manually turn on Bluetooth yourself by pressing the On/Off toggle button. You can also choose whether you want to share your phone’s location with nearby devices. Finally, you can choose whether or not to share your Wi-Fi password with nearby devices when they ask for it.

How Do I Turn On Wireless Connectivity (wi-fi)?

Wi-Fi connectivity enables wireless internet access by connecting to a nearby wireless access point. To turn on this feature, you first need to select the Wi-Fi network you wish to connect to, then turn on the Wi-Fi switch on your device. For devices with a physical switch, it can be located on the top or side of the phone beside the volume rocker.

For phones with a virtual switch, you can find it in the top-right corner of the home screen. Once you have turned it on, a blue circle will appear on the screen indicating that it’s ready for use.
If you have a laptop, you need to connect to your wireless router and then choose from available Wi-Fi networks.

If there are multiple networks available, you can select the one you prefer.
Whenever you connect to a new Wi-Fi network, always make sure that it is a secure network. If it’s not secure, do not connect to it.

How Do I Switch My Phone Between Different Wi-fi Networks?

This is a very common question that comes up when you have multiple Wi-Fi networks in your home or office. When you’re switching back and forth between networks, it’s important to understand that your phone is going to connect to the network with the strongest signal. This means that if one network has a bad connection, your phone will drop that network and connect to a different one with a better connection.

When switching Wi-Fi networks, you should do the following: Look at the signal strength on the new network and compare it to the old network. If the new network has a lower signal strength, there’s a good chance that your phone will switch over to the new network.

How Do I Remove A Microsoft Account From Windows 10 Phone?

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Your_Microsoft_Account.
  2. Tap on Remove account.
  3. Enter your password, then tap OK.
  4. Once removed, you will be prompted to create a local account. Select Create local account.
  5. Once your account has been removed, your stored data will be removed from the device as well.

How Do I Change The Microsoft Account On My Windows Phone?

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > Your Account.
  2. Tap on Sign In with a Microsoft Account.
  3. Choose a Microsoft account that you want to use or enter your new credentials if you want to create a new one.
  4. Tap Next and wait for the sign-in process to finish.

How Do I Change My Microsoft Account On My Nokia Lumia 630?

You can change your Microsoft account settings on your phone by tapping Settings > Accounts > Microsoft Account. Here, you’ll be able to edit your email address and password. You can also add a secondary email address if you want to use the same account on multiple devices.

You can add a new Microsoft account from Settings > Accounts > Add account.
To change settings for your Microsoft account, go to

How Do I Create A Microsoft Account On My Nokia Lumia?

Visit or go to the Microsoft account website on your phone and sign in using your Windows Phone 8 or Windows 8 device credentials.

Once you’re signed in, you’ll be able to access your account information, purchase and download apps, games and media from the store, and share your files across devices. You’ll also be able to use Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant. If you already have a Microsoft account, simply log in using the same credentials to access all of your account information.

Microsoft accounts are free, but they do require a valid email address to set up. If you don’t have an email address, you can create one by entering your name, birthday, and desired password. After that, you can go back into your account settings and change the email address to a different one if you want.

How Do I Set Up A Microsoft Account On Nokia Lumia?

To set up a Microsoft account on your Nokia Lumia: Open Settings > Accounts > Add Account. Select Microsoft. Enter your email address.

Enter a password. Confirm your password. Select Next.

When you set up a Microsoft account on your Nokia Lumia, you can use it to sign in to apps and services that use Microsoft accounts, like Outlook or Office 365. You can also use it to sync your contacts, calendars, and other content across all devices using the same Microsoft account.
In addition to setting up an email address for your Microsoft account, you can also create a username that is unique to you.

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