How Do I Remove Someone Else’s Samsung Account?

First and foremost, remove the person’s Samsung account if you no longer want them to have access to your device. This is also a good step for preventing someone from gaining access to your personal information when you forget your login details.

If someone has been using a Samsung account on your phone, you can remove them from your device by following these steps:

– Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner of your screen.

– Swipe down the menu until you see “Account”.
– Tap “Account” and then tap “Remove”.
– If you don’t see the option to remove an account, someone may have deleted their account and you’ll need to start over.

How To Remove Samsung Account Without Password

If you forgot your Samsung Account password, you will be able to remove it without a password. Before removing your account, make sure that you have backed up all of your data. You can also use the Find My Mobile app if you misplaced your phone.

One way to remove your account is by calling 1-844-MY-SAMSUNG. You can also send an email to and include the reason why you are removing the account.

You can also use the Find My Mobile app if you misplaced your phone.
Once the account is removed, you will no longer be able to access any of your devices or data.
You can also wipe all of your personal data from a device with a factory reset.

Once reset, create a new Samsung Account and log in with the new account details. Once complete, sync up all devices and restore all data after making sure that it is correct on each device. This is the safest way to remove Samsung Account without a password because it removes all data associated with that account including photos, contacts and other media files that are stored locally on each device.

How To Log Out Or Remove Samsung Account

  1. Go to Settings > Security
  2. Select “Accounts” and tap “Manage Accounts” button
  3. Tap on the “Samsung Account” option and select “Remove”

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