How Do I Suspend My Melaleuca Account?

To suspend shipments and/or cancel your Melaleuca account, you must:
Log into the Melaleuca Member Site and click on the “My Account” tab.
Melaleuca will send a confirmation request to the email address that you provided during sign up. It is important to confirm this request.

Melaleuca will then send an email to the address that you provided during sign up, indicating that your account has been suspended.
You will be able to reactivate your account at any time. You must login to the Melaleuca Member Site and re-activate your account in order to start receiving shipments again.

If you would like to cancel your account, please contact Melaleuca Customer Service at (888) 634-5551.

How To Cancel A Loyal Customer Autoship

First, let’s start off by saying we’re not advocating for canceling autoship. Auto-ship is great for business and is a smart way to make sure you don’t run out of product. It ensures you will always have a constant stream of income and ensures your product is never out of stock.

However, there are times when it may be necessary to cancel autoship, such as in cases of extreme financial hardship or if you want to cancel your autoship because you don’t want to continue with your business. In these situations, you may need to contact your supplier and explain the situation. To learn how to cancel a loyal customer autoship, there are a few things you need to do.

First, you will need to contact the company and request an autoship cancellation. You can do this either in person or via mail. Next, you will need to follow through with the cancellation.

This means checking back with the company to see if your cancellation has been processed and then making sure your account has been closed accordingly. After that, you can move forward as normal.

How To Change, Suspend, Or Cancel Your Visalus Autoship

Visalus is a direct sales company that offers home nutritional products for weight loss. The company was founded in 2010 by Soma Voss and Jeff Olson, and it has experienced rapid growth since its inception.
If you’ve joined Visalus as an autoship customer, you can change your autoship at any time by contacting the company’s customer service team.

If you’d like to suspend your monthly autoship for a few months, you have to contact the company’s customer service staff to let them know that you’d like to pause your monthly deliveries.
If you’d like to cancel your monthly autoship and receive no more orders from Visalus, you have to contact the company’s customer service team and request that they cancel your autoship.

Can I Put My Melaleuca Account On Hold?

In order to put your Melaleuca account on hold, you need to contact customer service. This request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and you may be asked to provide a reason for the request. If your account is placed on hold, you will not be able to place any orders or make any changes to your account until it is reactivated.

Melaleuca customers can request that their account be placed on hold for a variety of reasons. In some cases, customers may want to put their account on hold while they are out of town or away on vacation. In other cases, customers may want to temporarily suspend their account while they are going through a difficult time.

In these cases, it may be useful to put your account on hold so that you do not make any unnecessary purchases or changes to your account.
When it comes time to reactivate your account, you should be sure to re-subscribe to all of your favorite products. It is also recommended that you log into your account and review your order history so that you can ensure that everything is correct.

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