How Do I Unbind A Device?

Unbinding a device is the process of removing it from your account and canceling automatic future charges. To unbind a device, log into your account and go to the ‘Devices’ tab. Find the device you want to unbind and click the ‘Unbind’ button below its name.

If you have multiple unbound devices, make sure to verify that the device you want to unbind is the one you actually want to unbind. Unbinding a device can take up to 24 hours to process. When it’s done, you should see a new charge on your next bill indicating that you have been charged for the previous month’s service.

Once you see this charge, you should be able to cancel your account if you’d like. Just follow the instructions on your next bill.

Reset Cloud Device That Already Added By Another Account

The Cloud Device that already added to another account can be reset by following these steps:
Many times we might face that if a cloud device is already added to another account, then how do we reset it? Because this cloud device can’t be edited in many cases. Here if you want to reset this cloud device then you need to follow some steps which are as follows:
First, you need to remove this cloud device from the other account by deleting it from the account.

Then after you need to login with that account again and create a new cloud device. After this, you can add the new cloud device to your own account.
After all this, you can start using the new cloud device and can take benefits from it.

How To Unbind Device Or Delete Cloud Device From Local Gui Dvr

Unbinding a device from the local GUI DVR requires that you first login to the device. Once logged in, navigate to the settings page. Here you will be able to navigate to the ‘Cloud Device’ option and select the device that you wish to remove.

Once the device is selected, hit ‘Unbind’ and a confirmation message will appear.
The cloud device can be deleted by clicking on the ‘Delete’ button in the Cloud tab of the device. However, before deleting, make sure that all recordings are stored locally and transferred to another cloud device.

Once deleted, you cannot recover it.

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