Why Did Swagbucks Deactivated My Account?

Swagbucks deactivated your account because you did something wrong. It could be anything from not logging in for a long time to using an IP address that does not belong to you. If you are certain that it was an error on your end, then contact us so we can look into it.

Please remember that any account may be deactivated for any reason at any time, including for non-compliance with the Terms of Use. This includes accounts that have been inactive for longer than six months.
Swagbucks reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify all accounts, including without limitation any user’s ability to earn points and redeem rewards if, in Swagbucks’ sole discretion, such action is deemed necessary or appropriate.

If Swagbucks determines that an account has been compromised or potentially compromised by a third party, Swagbucks may lock or suspend that account after a reasonable period of time in order to investigate and/or rectify the situation.

Swagbucks Account Deactivated

If you’ve ever had an account with Swagbucks, it’s possible that your account was deactivated because of either a suspension or a fraudulent sign-up. If you have questions about your account, be sure to contact our Support team at 1-888-876-8876 option #2. You can also visit the “Account Info” section on the main menu.

If you have questions about your account, be sure to contact our Support team at 1-888-876-8876 option #2. You can also visit the “Account Info” section on the main menu.
It’s important to make sure that you are using your account correctly as well as checking in regularly.

Swagbucks Verified Vs Unverified Account

When people see a verified account on their Swagbucks dashboard, they may assume that the account holder has reached some sort of milestone, like a certain number of points or a set amount of swagbucks. This is not necessarily the case, as both verified and unverified accounts can be earned at the same rate. A verified account also doesn’t guarantee any additional benefits or privileges, other than being able to earn more points.

When adding an account to your dashboard, you will see two options: “Verified” and “Unverified.” “Verified” indicates that the user has completed a short signup process and has been added to the Swagbucks database. An unverified account will have a different name and different profile pictures, but there are no additional perks to using one over the other.

Why Would Swagbucks Deactivate My Account?

Swagbucks is a rewards site. To earn rewards and prizes, you need to sign up and complete tasks that earn you points. When you sign up, you agree to the terms and conditions of the site.

If you violate those terms, your account might be deactivated. This could happen if you:
Swear at other members or moderators.
Create multiple accounts with the same username.

Distribute inappropriate content on the site.
Use bots, proxies or other automated programs.
Submit someone else’s personal information (like your name or address).

This can happen for any number of reasons, including:
You use Swagbucks inappropriately or inappropriately use someone else’s account (e.g., sharing an account with friends).

You ask someone else to use their account and they accept. You may have violated their terms of service as well as our Terms & Conditions by doing so.

How Do I Recover My Swagbucks Account?

If you’ve been charged a fee or fraudulently removed from your account, you can request a refund. You’ll need to send a written request to support@swagbucks.com, and include your Swag Code and account email address in the request.

The Swagbucks team will respond within two weeks. If we can’t refund your money, we’ll let you know why.
If you’ve lost access to your account due to security concerns, we’ll do our best to help you get back in.

Please contact us at support@swagbucks.com with details about the situation and what actions you have taken. We’ll review your case and try to assist as quickly as possible.

If there’s anything we can do, please let us know!

Can You Have 2 Accounts On Swagbucks?

Yes, you can have 2 accounts on Swagbucks. However, you must be careful when doing so. You will not earn any more points or SB by having a second account.

If you do have a second account, then you can use your points to redeem rewards and gain SB.

If you have more than one account, make sure that they are different email addresses and passwords. It will be easy to confuse them if they look the same.

We recommend keeping your main account on your desktop or laptop browser. This way, it will be easier to remember and log into while using your mobile device.

When logged in, use mobile devices as well as desktop browsers to help keep track of your activities to avoid double logging!

Why Is My Account Under Review On Swagbucks?

When you sign up to Swagbucks, you’re giving your information to a third party. This is why every account begins under review.
One of the main reasons that accounts are opened under review is when they’ve been hacked.

When a person’s account has been compromised, it’s possible that Swagbucks will be contacted by the credit card company or bank to make sure the account holder hasn’t run up any charges. It’s also possible that a review could be initiated by the user themselves if they believe their account is misused. All of these situations can result in your account being placed under review.

The good news is that a review typically lasts for only a few days, so you don’t have to worry about being locked out of your account indefinitely.

How Do I Verify My Swagbucks Account?

It’s important to verify your Swagbucks account because if you have a verified account, you can earn more rewards. To verify your account, follow these steps:
Swagbucks will automatically verify your account when you sign up. If you need to verify your account again, just sign in to your account and confirm the email address associated with your account.

You can also verify by logging into the SwagButton on the web or downloading the SwagButton app (Android/iOS).

Once you have verified your Swagbucks account, you can start earning more rewards! Here are some things to keep in mind:
– Make sure that you are logged into the same profile on both your computer and mobile device.

This will help ensure that your points and SB are being awarded correctly.

What’s A Swag Code For Swagbucks?

Swag codes are a special type of code that can be used to earn points for participating in online surveys, playing games, watching videos, answering polls and shopping online. These codes are often found on promotional items such as T-shirts, coffee mugs and bags.
Swag codes can be redeemed at participating retailers or websites.

There is no limit to the number of times you can redeem a code, so you can use it whenever you want! Swag codes do not expire and are available worldwide.
How do I redeem a swag code?

To redeem a swag code, simply click “redeem” next to the code when you see it on promotional items. The code will then be added to your account.

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